Surviving a Sudden Move

How To Store Your Robot Army (Or The Stuff That Won't Fit In Your Dorm)

You're on the way to college and an exciting future. But right now, your family doesn't have room to keep that comfy couch, your favorite bookcase, or the diabolically crafted phalanx of mechanized cougars you built in your basement. A self-storage unit is an affordable and easy way to keep track of your possessions – and keep them away from prying eyes.

Plan Your Exit from the Start

Will you need that storage space for just a few months? For a full four years of education? Or an even longer time till your interstellar warship is complete?

A month-to-month lease is common, often with an introductory discount on the first month, though some facilities offer long-term rentals as well. Most storage companies allow you to book space through their websites and even pay your monthly fees online – perfect for a busy supervillain with papers to write.

Not all items are appropriate for storage: powered-down robots are fine, but live animals and live explosives are best kept elsewhere. Consider also whether a "pod" storage unit is right for you. In addition to being great for storage, pods can be a great option for a cross-country move, since the company's professional fleet will transport your goods while you travel separately in style. Otherwise, you can buy moving supplies right at your storage facility and rent a temporary vehicle from a company like UHaul, Budget Truck or Ryder for affordable, DIY moving.

Measure Your Mechs

Not all robots are alike, and personal possessions can vary just as much. How many extra inches is that extendable grappling hook arm? Do those end tables stack up evenly with that bed frame? Don't get stuck paying for more space than you need. Standard unit sizes often begin at 5'x5', which tends to cost between $40 and $60 per month. If your minions are miniaturized or you've just got a stack of boxes, smaller space may be available, whether it's a 3'x4' unit or a secure 1'x1' cubbyhole.

Oversee Your Operations

Though you'll need to move in initially during office hours, many self-storage facilities like Rabbone Enterprises Pty Ltd allow you to inspect your wares 24/7/365. Depending on your unit size, geographical location and nemesis threat level, you'll want to be aware of security features such as on-site cameras and personal locks. For those truly irreplaceable valuables, consider purchasing storage insurance – most providers can insure up to $4,000 for less than $20.